Dressing Miss Dolly

Hi, and welcome to Dressing Miss Dolly, your source of fashion inspiration and clothing ideas that cut through the noise with a dollop of attitude.

Whether you have minimalist, retro, or vintage tendencies, whether you prefer to pierce the streets in edgy outfits, whether you have a certain celebrity style lodged in your mind, I am here to help you achieve self-expression through what you wear because, let’s face it – the first thing people notice is your apparel, not your personality.

Throwing on a top and a pair of jeans may not seem like much, but the difference between looking shabby and looking at your best lies in the choices you make. Never underestimate the power of a good outfit, and if your comfort zone translates through something you rather wear at home, it’s time for a makeover… Worry not as here at Dressing Miss Dolly I’m with you every step of the way in order to look your best without radical consequences on your wallet.

Is the hunt for affordable fashion ever really over?

Not by a long shot! I’m here to assist you in finding celebrity style dresses and other celebrity clothing ideas to help you create a look that resonates with the image portrayed by your favourite stars and make it your own without spending a fortune. Same goes for fashion dresses, the heart of your wardrobe and the single thing women can’t do without. And yes, we’re referring to you too, pant-lover shaking your head in disbelief.

Nothing expresses femininity better than a dress. And I know you’ve seen some that are to die for, but you wouldn’t wear them because you think they wouldn’t look good on you. I am determined to make you shake off that thought.

You deserve to look fabulous, and the key to nailing that perfect outfit is to dress for the body you have. I’ve prepped plenty of tips & tricks, and how-to articles to give you the insight you need to dress in a way that will make you memorable for the people you interact with. Your body may not be flawless, but your outfit can be!

Once you have an idea of what looks best on you, you can start focusing on trends and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. I’ll tell you what the ‘cool kids’ wear and what’s not hip anymore, I’ll give you the insight on celebrity clothing and I’ll throw at you plenty of info on the latest in fashion dresses and how to shine in them. Life’s too short to wear the same style of over and over again and trust me; you haven’t truly experienced the power of fashion until you’ve seen yourself in a knock-out piece fit for a diva.

Let their jaws drop and stimulate people’s desire to approach you. The city streets are the real runways, and you need the perfect outfit to complement the sound of your heels, walking them.