How To Wear A Skater Dress In Summer?

Skater dresses are lovely for summer attire. Simply wear them as they are, as they do not require any kind of layering when the weather is warmer. For daytime looks, they can be worn with a pair of flat strappy sandals, pumps or even trainers, depending on what kind of vibe you are going for. … Read more

How To Wear A Skater Dress To Work?

If you are planning on wearing a skater dress to work, you may be better off opting for the midi version since these are longer in length and appear to be smarter and more formal than the shorter ones, which are often a favoured choice for party attire. If you do have a shorter one … Read more

How To Wear A Skater Dress Plus Size?

It doesn’t matter what size you are when it comes to skater dresses since the way in which they are designed is remarkable. They actually help to create the illusion of a slimmer hourglass shape for plus size girls whilst offering the illusion of curves for girls who are slim and tall and feel that … Read more

How To Style A Skater Dress?

If you are thinking about how to style your skater dress, it’s worth considering the occasion first and foremost, skater dresses can be styled in many different ways, but the key to getting it right is finding the right look for the occasion in which you are headed. For formal occasions, try a midi length … Read more

How To Style A Black Skater Dress?

Black skater dresses are the ideal blank canvas for creating some fabulous looks. What’s great about them is that they can be styled in many different ways and allow you to be creative with regard to your own personal taste. Black skater dresses can be transformed into something smart for workwear or formal occasions and … Read more

How To Make A Skater Dress Formal?

It may be difficult to create a formal look with a skater dress, but it’s not impossible. You may need to find one that isn’t too short in length, so a midi version is probably your best option for formal attire, midi skater dresses are longer in length, and they usually fall around the knee … Read more

How To Make A Skater Dress Casual?

Skater dresses are great for casual attire; although they tend to be rather short in length, you can take the emphasis away from that by simply pairing the skater dress with some flat shoes, as this will help to downplay the amount of visible leg on show. You can opt for pumps or trainers with … Read more

How To Dress Up A Skater Dress?

The great thing about skater dresses is that they can be instantly transformed from day to evening wear, effortlessly. So, if you are stuck for time, or you happen to plan a last-minute night out, and with very little time you can do so, you can transform your look in an instant if you are … Read more

Do Skater Dresses Suit Pear Shape?

Pear shapes tend to be bottom-heavy, with a slimmer upper body heavy and curvier hips and thighs. When it comes to wearing a skater dress, the bottom half of the dress billows out anyway, so there is no emphasis on the bottom half of your physique. So girls, if you tend to feel self-conscious about … Read more

Do Skater Dresses Suit Hourglass?

Skater dresses actually create an hourglass shape. If you are blessed to already sport that particular body shape, lucky you… But it doesn’t really matter if you don’t since a skater style dress helps to fake it anyway. In fact, many girls prefer a skater style dress due to the comfort factor as well as … Read more