What Shoes To Wear With A Maxi Dress?

Choosing the right shoes to wear with maxi dresses depends on the occasion and the style of the dress. For instance, casual summer maxi dresses look great with informal sandals, open toe shoes, wedges and flip flops, but if the dress is for a more formal occasion, you may want to pair it with something classier like a nice pair of heels or stylish sandals.

Maxi dresses worn in summer are usually worn with open and airy shoes, like sandals and wedges; however, during colder seasons, they can be worn with ankle boots. For casual attire, flat ankle boots are ideal, whereas for a dressier approach, try wearing a nice pair of heeled boots instead.

Maxi dresses come in all designs, so pairing shoes to match does depend on the style of dress, and it may require some experimentation to discover what looks best.