What Jacket To Wear With A Bardot Dress?

Bardot dresses are all about shoulder-baring, so opting to wear without a jacket offers the best appeal. However, you may wish to pop a jacket on to travel to and from your destinations, especially if the weather isn’t too great. Deciding on a jacket depends on the look you are going for and the placer … Read more

How To Wear A Bardot Dress?

Although Bardot dresses are known to be classic, they can be worn in many different ways, so you don’t necessarily have to take inspiration from the Great iconic Bridget Bardot. You can try a more modern approach if you wish. Celebrities often style a Bardot dress with a Rock/edge vibe when Louis Row wore a … Read more

What Shoes To Wear With A Bardot Dress?

Bardot dresses look great when worn with heels, but this doesn’t mean that they cannot be worn be flats. In fact, for summer daytime looks, Bardot dresses with dolly shoes or flat sandals look super cute, and if you are feeling brave enough to rock it, why not opt for ankle boots for an edgy … Read more

What Bra To Wear With A Bardot Dress?

When it comes to wearing Bardot dresses, it can be troublesome trying to find a bra to wear underneath. Because Bardot dresses are an off-the-shoulder style of dress, they do not look the best when an ordinary bra as the bra straps will be visible, but if you are wearing something over the top of … Read more

What Jewellery To Wear With A Bardot Dress?

Bardot dresses tend to show off jewellery beautifully. They are designed to showcase and highlight the neck and shoulder area, and if that makes you feel a little bare, why not fill in the space with some fabulous jewellery instead. You can wear your best stunning necklace with a Bardot dress, and it will draw … Read more

What To Wear With A Bardot Dress?

Bardot style of dress has a classic appeal, it takes its name from the iconic Bridget Bardot, and they are super easy to wear, and anyone can wear them, it’s off the shoulder in aid of really showcasing the shoulders and neckline, they are super glamorous if worn correctly however it is really important that … Read more