What Shoes To Wear With Evening Maxi Dress?

Choosing the right shoe to wear with your maxi dress in the evening will depend on the occasion. If it’s a dress down casual night out, you may wish to wear a simple sandal or boot if the weather’s cold. Heeled boots help to glam up a maxi dress whilst also creating an edgy vibe … Read more

How To Layer A Maxi Dress?

When it comes to layering a maxi dress, you can layer underneath or over the top of your dress, or you could do both if you are layering for winter wear. A strappy maxi dress looks great with a long-sleeved cotton top underneath. The key to getting this right is to contrast colours; for instance, … Read more

How To Wear A Maxi Dress To Work?

If you fancy trying a maxi dress for work attire, there are some things that you can do to smarten them up, office style! First of all, opt for a length around calf length rather than floor-length as these are easier to style for workwear. Style the maxi with heels or boots and wear tights … Read more

What Length Is A Petite Maxi?

Any height around 5 ft or below is generally considered petite, so you can expect a maxi dress within the petite range to be suitable in length for those within that particular height range. Having said that, petite girls do vary in height, so some designs may be too long for some girls and others … Read more

How To Wear A Maxi Dress In The Fall?

The fall can be rather chilly, it may not be full-on winter just yet, but it’s headed that way. Wearing a maxi in the fall is possible if the styling is right, and the key to getting it right is with layering. Layering is super ideal when it comes to dressing for fall since it … Read more

How To Dress Down A Maxi Dress?

If the only maxi dress you have in your closet is quite a formal one and there is no time to shop for a casual design, you may have to make do and try to dress it down as best you can. Of course, some fabrics are easier to dress down than others, but most … Read more

How To Dress Up A Maxi Dress?

Dressing up a maxi is different to dressing down since you do have more flexibility when it comes to styling. You can pretty much dress up any maxi dress, even the most casual sort, simply by adding the right number of glam accessories, and you are pretty much good to go. Try adding a nice … Read more