What Shoes To Wear With A Skater Dress?

For daytime looks, opt for something flat since skater dresses tend to be short as it is, you do not want to expose too much, you want cool and comfortable for everyday wear, so dress it down with flats such as trainers, pumps or boots instead. You could also try flat sandals for a cute … Read more

Do Skater Dresses Suit Apple Shapes?

Skater dresses suit all shapes and size no matter what shape or size you are. Apple shapes know only too well that they tend to sport a top-heavier figure, so perhaps a larger bust area and slimmer thighs and bottoms. Skater dresses are ideal for balancing out an apple-shaped figure since the skirt area offers … Read more

Are Skater Dresses Flattering?

Skater dresses are cleverly designed. The top part of a skater dress is almost like you are wearing a different piece of clothing altogether, it is joined smartly at the waistline area of the dress to accentuate and offer the illusion of a slimmer waist, and then the skirt falls loose, allowing nothing to be … Read more

Why Is It Called A Skater Dress?

Believe it or not, with Skater dresses, the clues within the name as they actually get their name from ice skating dresses, yes actual ice-skating dress was the inspiration behind these fabulous designs. The design of a skater dress does bear a striking resemblance to ice skating dresses, though since they are generally fitted at … Read more

What Jacket To Wear With A Skater Dress?

You can wear any jacket with a skater dress although waist-length or cropped length tend to match the best, the design of a skater dress is similar to a two-piece outfit with the waistline accentuated followed by a billowing skirt so it’s better not to wear any jacket that falls below the skirt length as … Read more

What Body Shape Do Skater Dresses Suit?

Skater dresses complement all shapes and sizes of women, so do not be deterred girls, seriously, it does not matter what body shape you are, and in fact, they are the easiest style of dress to wear for any shape and size. If you have fuller hips, a large bottom, short legs, a rounded tummy, … Read more

How To Wear A Skater Dress In Winter?

Although many designs of skater dress are often shorter in length, it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear them during colder seasons. A skater dress is actually a suitable dress for all year round looks. To make them suitable for winter attire, they can easily be layered during the cooler months as opposed to being … Read more

How To Wear A Skate Dress On A Night Out?

Skater dresses look great for a night on the town, the way in which they are designed allows for movement and comfort, and since they tend to swirl when you move around, they really are the perfect dress for having a fun night out on the dance floor with your girlfriends. A skater dress worn … Read more

How To Wear A Skater Dress To A Wedding?

If you wish to wear a skater dress to a wedding, the best thing to do is opt for a style that is light and cheery. Patterns are great but try not to opt for dark colours since these are more difficult to style for suitable wedding attire and are best worn for other occasions … Read more